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Jason Pannutti



Jason Pannutti

Assistant Principal

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Dear Parents,

Our students are achieving at high levels because of our wonderful teachers and the ongoing support you provide your children. We are the very definition of a community that places our children first. As Bren Mar Park continues to preserve greatness, we are also willing to carve a new path and open new doors for our students. Our teachers are working in collaborative teams to ensure we are intervening and enriching curricula to meet the varying needs of our little Mustangs. As a Professional Learning Community (PLC), we will continue to grow and forge ahead in a collaborative and adaptive manner. We will immerse our students in rigorous activities that elicit higher order thinking to prepare them to become productive citizens by questioning the world around them. We look forward to another year of greatness!


Jason Pannutti, Principal
Eric Johnson, Assistant Principal


Office Staff


Office Staff
Office Assistant Maria Guerra (se habla español) 703.914.7200
Parent Liaison Katiria Holder (se habla español) 703.914.7200
Administrative Assistant Marlowe Parker 703.914.7200
Student Registrar Nadia Pietri 703.914.7200
Public Health Room Attendant Stephanie Slough 703.914.7210


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