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First Grade


Wixie can be used at home or school for Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies. You will need a username and password...ask your teacher if you are not sure.

MyON Books is a digital library with thousands of non-fiction books that are tied directly to our curriculum. See your teacher for login information.

Leo Loves to Spell is a game to practice beginning sounds

Starfall is a site that teaches lessons in phonics.

Seussville has games and activities to celebrate Read Across America Day.

Fairfax County has a subscription to this collection of animated books online. Your child's teacher can give you the username and password.

Alphabet Zoo is a game to practice putting words in alphabetical order.

Storyline Online has popular children's books read by actors from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

Clifford Interactive Storybooks has interactive books and games.

DreamBox Learning

EnVisions Math Book

HSP Math

Coolmath 4 kids

Spooky Sequences is a collection of games to practice counting and sequencing numbers.

Base 10 Blocks can be used to show the place value of numbers.

100 Chart can be used to highlight skip counting patterns and pract ice counting to 100.

Math Playground has logic games and puzzles.

Space Lunchtime
Addition practice

Hour of Code
Beginning tutorials and activities to teach computer programming.

Money Bingo

The Adventures of Herman the Worm
Learn all about earthworms.

Weather Wiz Kids is a site with information and games about weather.

Plant and Flower Games
Read a story, do a word search, put together a jigsaw puzzle and more.

Peep and the Big Wide World
Play games with a newly hatched chicken named Peep, and his friends Chirp and Quack (a robin and a duck), as you experiment with real-life science concepts in their Big, Wide World.

PebbleGo has information on social studies and science. See your teacher for the username and password.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles
Practice fine motor skills while putting together jigsaw puzzles that become animated when completed.

Thanksgiving Fun
This track links to websites with fun Thanksgiving games and puzzles.

Interactive Sites for Education
This page has links to many activities for social studies, science, math and language arts.

Clicky's Web World - Access this site to learn how to be safe on the internet. Parents can access this site to learn about the netsmartz program and how to keep their kids safe from internet dangers.

Kids Zone has information and activities about fire safety.