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High School Student Services
To register a new student, please make an appointment at (703) 924-7422
crowley Erin Crowley

Director of Student Services


(703) 924-7422
johnson Kathy Johnson Administrative Assistant/Registrar (703) 924-7422
no picture Julie Hall SIA (703) 924-7408
bury Jane Bury Transcript/Records Clerk (703) 924-7409
no picture Lynette Henry Counselor (Mc-Pq)
Lafayette Hall
(703) 924-7441
ayala Meredith Ayala Counselor (I-Mb)
Lafayette Hall
(703) 924-7443
no picture Sandra Donaldson Counselor (A-Bq)
Madison Hall
(703) 924-7433
gilmore Corey Gilmore Counselor (T-Z)
Washington Hall
(703) 924-7451
no picture Kelly Gerstenberg Counselor (Pr-S)
Washington Hall
(703) 924-7452
rodriguez Kellie Rodriguez-Lee Counselor (Br-E)
Madison Hall
(703) 924-7431
williams Eric Williams Counselor (F-H)
Lafayette Hall
(703) 924-7442
jackson Karen Jackson Speech/Language Pathologist (703) 924-7567
ferguson Amy Ferguson Career Center Specialist (703) 924-7424
powell Robin Powell School Psychologist (703)-924-7406
gaffen Lea Gaffen Social Worker (703) 924-7432
barnes Robert Barnes Parent Liaison (703) 924-7691
traweek Liliana Traweek Parent Liaison/Para Asistencia en EspaƱol (703) 924-7532

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