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What is Kings Park doing to support recycling? Kings Park is working hard to recycle paper and other products. Our Cub Council representatives are creating KPOV News commercials reminding students about recycling tips. In addition, we will have a Green Gala in the spring.

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What is happening to the 3rd rock from the sun, EARTH? Our planet is becoming overpopulated. We are using electricity and other things that are consuming our non-renewable natural resources like coal, petroleum, and other fossil fuels.

What can we do to help?
We need to work together to improve the recycling efforts in our community. In additon, we need to conserve resources in our home, school, work, and community. If you following some simple rules we can work to make a difference in our community.

Resources for Kids
  • National Institute of Environmental Health
  • Department of Energy Kids Page
  • Learning about Fossil Fuels
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Cool Climate Kids Club
  • Fairfax County - Energy Resource Recovery Facility
  • Planet X Unit
  • The Story of Zero Waste
  • Recycling and Beyond - Wisconsin
  • Going Green Pledge
  • What Does It Mean To Be Green?

    Viginia Standards of Learning that Support Going Green K-6
  • Fairfax County Public School Regulation on Recycling coming soon

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