Faculty & Staff - 2016-2017
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(last update: 7/27/2016)

  • CTE
  • ESOL

Staff Name
Amico, Fred Principal ffamico@fcps.edu 703-287-2704
Anderson, Richard Security randerson@fcps.edu 703-287-2812
Archibald, Amanda Fine Arts amanda.archibald@fcps.edu 703-287-2962
Ayoub, Nancy Administrative Assistant ncayoub@fcps.edu 703-287-2750
Baker, Mary English mdbaker@fcps.edu 703-287-2870
Baldesare, Jennifer Counselor jlbaldesare@fcps.edu 703-287-2734
Banker, Christina Social Studies cebanker@fcps.edu 703-287-2939
Barbour, Jennifer Administrative Assistant jrbarbour@fcps.edu 703-287-2700
Barnsley, Donna Social Worker djbarnsley@fcps.edu 703-287-2874
Barrs, Michael System of Support mabarrs@fcps.edu 703-287-2871
Barycki, Scott English sabarycki@fcps.edu 703-287-2950
Behnke, Norma World Languages nibehnke@fcps.edu 703-287-2839
Beldon, Maria ESOL msbeldon@fcps.edu 703-287-2929
Berger, Breen Science bmberger@fcps.edu  
Bonafide, Jennifer English jmbonafide@fcps.edu 703-287-2951
Boyer, Danette Special Ed. dvboyer@fcps.edu  
Broad, Susan English sbroad@fcps.edu 703-287-2867
Brooks, Lawrence Mathematics lbrooks@fcps.edu 703-287-2807
Brooks, Demarco Special Education drbrooks@fcps.edu 703-287-2788
Buffo, Cheryl Physical Education cbuffo@fcps.edu 703-287-2758
Chern, Ronni English rdchern@fcps.edu 703-287-2943
Chinn, Susie Social Studies sjchinn@fcps.edu 703-287-2944
Choobineh, Nick Technology Specialist nfchoobineh@fcps.edu 703-287-2827
Cohen, Allison Social Studies aecohen@fcps.edu 703-287-2938
Cohen, Anna Aslin English acohen@fcps.edu 703-287-2865
Compton, Kimberly Fine Arts kcompton@fcps.edu 703-287-2742
Conner, Melinda Social Studies mbconner@fcps.edu 703-287-2945
Conrad, Kiersten English kdconrad@fcps.edu 703-287-2948
Copley, Kara Physical Education klcopley@fcps.edu 703-287-2859
Cuc, Florin Mathematics fgcuc@fcps.edu 703-287-2897
Cukierman, Valentin World Languages vcukierman@fcps.edu 703-287-2857
Dabroski, Janice Assessment Coach jldabroski@fcps.edu 703-287-2922
Davis, Bethany Special Education bsdavis@fcps.edu 703-287-2850
D'Alesandro, Michele Science mmdalesandro@fcps.edu 703-287-2911
Diggs, Lea Spanish ladiggs@fcps.edu  
DiNuzzo, Michael Instructional Assistant madinuzzo@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
Douglas, Pamela Mathematics pdouglas@fcps.edu 703-287-2909
Duer, Eric ETR   703-287-2726
Farnsworth, William Art wbfarnsworth@fcps.edu  
Fertig, Derek Science    
Foley, Robert Science rmfoley@fcps.edu 703-287-2846
Freeman, Shawn Physical Education slfreeman@fcps.edu 703-287-2761
Gauthier, Therese ESOL tgauthier@fcps.edu 703-287-2748
Ghosheh, Nadia Spanish    
Gilman, Jeromy Science jmgilman@fcps.edu 703-287-2903
Golden, Krista Deaf/Hard of Hearing krista.golden@fcps.edu
Gratz, Mary Guidance mary.gratz@fcps.edu 703-287-2722
Hall, Sam Security shall@fcps.edu 703-287-2810
Hamilton, Sandy English shhamilton@fcps.edu 703-287-2720
Hand, Ilana Mathematics ihand@fcps.edu 703-287-2937
Hardy, Jenica World Languages jhardy@fcps.edu 703-287-276
Healy, Kevin Social Studies kmhealy@fcps.edu 703-287-2822
Henry, Joshua Social Studies jmhenry@fcps.edu 703-287-2899
Herzig, Allison Social Studies akherzig@fcps.edu 703-287-2826
Herzig, Micah Social Studies mhherzig@fcps.edu 703-287-2960
Horgan, Michael CTE mwhorgan@fcps.edu 703-287-2894
Horton, Fred Technology Specialist fhorton@fcps.edu 703-287-2780
Howard, Kevin English kbhoward@fcps.edu 703-287-2869
Howerton, John Physical Education jphowerton@fcps.edu 703-287-2755
Huebsch, Susan Mathematics sehuebsch@fcps.edu 703-287-2892
Hunter, Jessica Certified Athletic Trainer jkhunter@fcps.edu 703-287-2759
Hunter, Mike School Resource Officer njhunter@fcps.edu 703-287-2894
Iacoletti, Rachel Spanish rbiacoletti@fcps.edu  
Jackson, Ryan Social Studies rnjackson@fcps.edu 703-287-2942
Jameyson, Megan Science mrjameyson@fcps.edu 703-287-2907
Jamsheed, Norma Support Staff njamsheed@fcps.edu 703-287-2704
Jelinek, Pamela Special Education pgjelinek@fcps.edu 703-287-2985
Jewell, Vivian English


Johnson, Michael Counselor msjohnson@fcps.edu 703-287-2731
Johns, Tanda Science tljohns@fcps.edu  
Jones, Betsy Science sejones3@fcps.edu 703-287-2904
Karasek, Valerie Drama vdkarasek@fcps.edu 703-287-2954
Kaur, Abijot Science akaur1@fcps.edu  
Kissling, Matt Social Studies makissling@fcps.edu 703-287-2953
Kreshover, Vanessa Mathematics vckreshover@fcps.edu 703-287-2902
Krivak, Gifford English ggkrivak@fcps.edu 703-287-2935
Kuhn, David Social Studies djkuhn@fcps.edu 703-287-2863
Laemmerzahl, Ina World Languages ialaemmerzah@fcps.edu 703-287-2937
Lamb, Brian Physical Education bclamb@fcps.edu 703-287-2766
Lambert, Mac Performing Arts mllambert@fcps.edu 703-287-2956
Landis, Mary Assistant Principal mflandis@fcps.edu 703-287-2705
Laspe, Kyle Special Education kclaspe@fcps.edu 703-287-2974
Lawless, Yumi Japanese yulawless@fcps.edu  
Layman, Kristi World Languages kllayman1@fcps.edu 703-287-2817
Leimkuhler, Kate Special Education klleimkuhler@fcps.edu 703-287-2737
Liebman, Elizabeth Librarian eliebman1@fcps.edu 703-287-2775
Lincicome, Jen Special Education jmhoffmeierl@fcps.edu 703-287-2856
Lindner, Claire Science cvlindner1@fcps.edu 703-287-2910
Lodsun, Betty Special Education bflodsun@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
Loftus, Erin Special Education eoloftus@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
Mantel, Alexander Counselor armantel@fcps.edu 703-287-2733
Martin, Debra WAT    
Martin, Doug Band dbmartin1@fcps.edu 703-287-2967
McAdams, Jennifer English jamcadams@fcps.edu 703-287-2964
McBeth, Jason Psychologist jpmcbeth@fcps.edu 703-287-2886
McCommas, Christine Special Ed. csmccommas@fcps.edu 703-287-2824
McCormick, Scott Orchestra nsmccormick@fcps.edu 703-287-2963
McDougal, Cherise Special Ed. ctmcdougal@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
McGreevy, Julie Counselor jmcgreevy@fcps.edu 703-287-2735
Millman, Mary Special Education mamillman@fcps.edu 703-287-2737
Mirabella, Susan Library Support Staff semirabella@fcps.edu 703-287-2773
Mitro, Christina English camitro@fcps.edu 703-287-2964
Morrow-Drummond, Ronnie SIA lmmorrowdrum@fcps.edu 703-287-2725
Mossad, Maha Clinic Aide mmossad@fcps.edu 703-287-2710
Mulligan, Kelly Visual Arts kjmulligan@fcps.edu 703-287-2959
Murawiec, Lana Special Education lamurawiec@fcps.edu 703-287-2933
Murphy, Susan Counselor smurphy@fcps.edu 703-287-2732
Muse, Brendan World Languages bcmuse@fcps.edu 703-287-2848
Mye, Jeff Physical Education jrmye@fcps.edu 703-287-2763
Myers, Angie Special Ed. aemyers@fcps.edu 703-287-2744
Myren, Debbie Finance Technician dsmyren@fcps.edu 703-287-2715
Nieves, Gladys Spanish gmnieves@fcps.edu  
Noto, Geoff Director of Student Activities gjnoto@fcps.edu 703-287-2751
Olson, Susan Support Staff smolson@fcps.edu 703-287-2773
Ortiz, Kathleen Library klortiz@fcps.edu 703-287-2774
O'Rourke, Jay Math jdorourke2@fcps.edu 703-287-2843
Parrott, James Special Education jgparrott@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
Penn, Mark Assistant Principal mpenn@fcps.edu 703-287-2957
Phan, Sammy Building Engineer hnphan1@fcps.edu 703-287-2741
Piotrowski, Michael CTE mpiotrowski@fcps.edu 703-287-2713
Power, Jeanne Special Education jlpower@fcps.edu 703-287-2997
Poythress, Tricia CTE tmpoythress@fcps.edu 703-287-2716
Price, Kenneth English krprice@fcps.edu  
Puhlick, Leah Science lmpuhlick@fcps.edu 703-287-2914
Ready, Timothy Counselor tjready@fcps.edu 703-287-2730
Rice, Everett CTE erice@fcps.edu 703-287-2931
Robb, Jennifer Mathematics jrobb@fcps.edu 703-287-2893
Robertson, Jim Assistant Principal jrobertson@fcps.edu 703-287-2706
Robinson, Katherine Counselor krobinson1@fcps.edu 703-287-2736
Roche, Jessica English jbroche@fcps.edu 703-287-2862
Rogers, Mark Safety and Security Specialist marogers2@fcps.edu 703-287-2708
Salem, Rhonda Special Education rsalem@fcps.edu 703-287-2900
Sanchez, Jorge Building Supervisor josanchez@fcps.edu 703-287-2890
Santosuosso, John CTE jmsantosuoss@fcps.edu 703-287-2849
Sauk, Stan Adaptive PE ssauk@fcps.edu 703-287-2793
Scheirer, Margaret A. Special Education mascheirer@fcps.edu 703-287-2806
Schultz, Nancy Attendance Office nschultz@fcps.edu 703-287-2830
Scronce, Andrew World Languages aascronce@fcps.edu 703-287-2820
Sekhon, Sonia Special Education ssekhon@fcps.edu 703-287-2728
Setzer, Paul Mathematics pjsetzer@fcps.edu 703-287-2901
Shapiro, Heather Social Studies hcshapiro@fcps.edu 703-287-2866
Shifflett, Susan Physical Education sshifflett@fcps.edu 703-287-2752
Simon, Meryl Special Education mdsimon1@fcps.edu 703-287-2832
Sohi, Dalwinder Cafeteria Manager dksohi@fcps.edu 703-287-2721
Song, Gina Science grsong@fcps.edu 703-287-2905
Sronce, Jared Physical Education jwsronce@fcps.edu 703-287-2762
Stankiewicz, Kathleen Social Studies kastankiewic@fcps.edu 703-287-2778
Stark, Catherine Fine Arts cjstark@fcps.edu 703-287-2965
Stark, Patricia Transcripts/Student Services pastark@fcps.edu 703-287-2723
Statz, Jessica Assistant Principal jnstatz@fcps.edu 703-287-2707
Steele, Elisa Social Studies emsteele@fcps.edu 703-287-2864
Stocks, Jennifer World Languages jestocks@fcps.edu 703-287-2835
Stone, Hannah Special Ed IA./Athletic Trainer    
Suh, Won Math wpsuh@fcps.edu  
Swanson, Nick Science nswanson@fcps.edu 703-287-2739
Tannenbaum, Joan World Languages jtannenbaum@fcps.edu 703-287-2947
Terry, Kimberly Social Studies katerry@fcps.edu 703-287-2936
Thorsen, Matt Math mbthorsen@fcps.edu 703-287-2898
Tonda, Alexis Special Education atonda@fcps.edu 703-287-2858
Vande Sande, Jeffrey Social Studies jtvandesande@fcps.edu 703-287-2952
Velin, Matt Special Education mrvelin@fcps.edu 703-287-2811
Ventimiglia, Judy English jgventimiglia@fcps.edu 703-287-2955
Whalen, Deborah Special Education dwhalen@fcps.edu 703-287-2979
Whitehead, Richard Mathematics rwhitehead@fcps.edu 703-287-2891
Whitehorne, Austin Career & Technical Ed. ajwhitehorne@fcps.edu 703-287-2873
Williams, Sonya Director of Student Services snwilliams1@fcps.edu 703-287-2722
Wingo, Margo Special Education mdwingo@fcps.edu 703-287-2975
Wolff, Hannah Career Center hwwolff@fcps.edu 703-287-2747
Zadeh, Ahmad Math azadeh@fcps.edu  

Career and Technical Education
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Horgan, Michael michael.horgan@fcps.edu

World Hist./Geog. 1
Webpage Development
Adv. Programming

Piotrowski, Michael Michael.Piotrowski@fcps.edu Algebra 2
Intro to Marketing
Marketing 1
Sports Marketing
Advanced Marketing
Info Systems

Poythress, Tricia - Dept. Chair Tricia.Poythress@fcps.edu Fashion Marketing I
Fashion Marketing II
Global Marketing

Rice, Everett Everett.Rice@fcps.edu Business Law & Management
Econ & Personal Finance

Santosuosso, John John.Santosuosso@fcps.edu Programming
Econ & Personal Finance

Whitehorne, Austin Austin.Whitehorne@fcps.edu Econ & Personal Finance

Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Baker, Mary mdbaker@fcps.edu

English 9
English 9 Honors
English 12

Barycki, Scott sabarycki@fcps.edu

English 10
English 10 Honors

Broad, Susan - Dept. Chair Susan.Broad@fcps.edu AP English Language
English 11 Honors
Advanced Composition

Chern, Ronni rdchern@fcps.edu

English 10
English 10 Honors

Cohen, Anna acohen@fcps.edu AP English Language
English 11
English 11 Honors

Conrad, Kiersten D. Kiersten.Conrad@fcps.edu English 12
English 12 Honors
Film Study

Hamilton, Sandy Sandra.Hamilton@fcps.edu English 12
English 12 Honors

Howard, Kevin B. Kevin.Howard@fcps.edu English 12
AP English Literature
Advanced Composition

Jewell, Vivian Vivian.Jewell@fcps.edu English 9
English 9 Honors

Krivak, Gifford Gifford.Krivak@fcps.edu English 10

McAdams, Jennifer JAMcAdams@fcps.edu English 9
English 9 Honors

Mitro, Christina Christina.Mitro@fcps.edu English 10 Honors
Journalism 1, 2, 3, 4

Price, Kenneth krprice@fcps.edu English

Roche, Jessica Jessica.Roche@fcps.edu English 11
AP English Language

Ventimiglia, Judy Julia.Ventimiglia@fcps.edu English 9

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Beldon, Maria MSBeldon@fcps.edu ESOL 1, 2, 3

Gauthier, Therese M. Therese.Gauthier@fcps.edu English 9
ESOL 1, 2, 3, 4

Fine Arts
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Archibald, Amanda - Dept. Chair Amanda.Archibald@fcps.edu Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3
Art 2D

Compton, Kim Kim.Compton@fcps.edu

Sculpture 1
Studio Art & Design
Computer Graphics

Farnsworth, William wbfarnsworth@fcps.edu Photo 1
Art 1

Mulligan, Kelly Kelly.Mulligan@fcps.edu

Computer Graphics
Photojournalism 1, 2, 3, 4
AP Art

Stark, Catherine Catherine.Stark@fcps.edu Studio Art 3, 4
AP Art 4

World Languages
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Behnke, Norma Norma.Behnke@fcps.edu Spanish 2
Spanish 1

Cukierman, Valentin Valentin.Cukierman@fcps.edu Russian 1
Russian 3
Russian 4 & AP Russian

Diggs, Lea ladiggs@fcps.edu Spanish 2
Spanish 3

Ghosheh, Nadia  

Latin 4
Latin 5
AP Latin

Hardy, Jenica jhardy@fcps.edu French

Iacoletti, Rachel rbiacoletti@fcps.edu Spanish 1
Spanish 2

Laemmerzahl, Ina ialaemmerzahl@fcps.edu

German 2, 3, 4
AP German

Lawless, Yumi yulawless@fcps.edu Japanese 2

Layman, Kristi kllayman1@fcps.edu Spanish 3, 5

Muse, Brendan bcmuse@fcps.edu Latin 1
Latin 2

Nieves, Gladys gmnieves@fcps.edu Spanish 4
AP Spanish

Scronce, Andrew Andrew.Scronce@fcps.edu

Japanese 1
Japanese 5 & AP Japanese
Department Chair.

Stocks, Jennifer Jennifer.Stocks@fcps.edu Spanish 3
Spanish 4
AP Spanish

Tannenbaum, Joan Joan.Tannenbaum@fcps.edu Latin 1
Latin 2
Latin 3
Latin 4 & AP Latin

Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Brooks, Lawrence Lawrence.Brooks@fcps.edu AP Calculus AB

Cuc, Florin Florin.Cuc@fcps.edu Geometry
Computer Science
AP Computer Science

Douglas, Pam - Dept. Chair Pamela.Douglas@fcps.edu AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Matrix Algebra

Hand, Ilana Ilana.Hand@fcps.edu Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Honors
Geometry Honors

Huebsch, Susan Susan.Huebsch@fcps.edu Computer Science
AP Computer Science

Kreshover, Vanessa Vanessa.Kreshover@fcps.edu Geometry Honors
AP Statistics

O'Rourke, Jay jdorourke2@fcps.edu

Algebra 2

Robb, Jennifer Jennifer.Robb@fcps.edu Precalculus
Precalculus Honors

Scheirer, Margaret Margaret.Scheirer@fcps.edu Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Probability & Statistics

Setzer, Paul Paul.Setzer@fcps.edu Geometry
AP Statistics

Suh, Won wpsuh@fcps.edu  

Thorsen, Matt mbthorsen@fcps.edu

Algebra 2:

Tonda, Alexis atonda@fcps.edu Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Whitehead, Richard Richard.Whitehead@fcps.edu Geometry
Precalculus Honors

Zadeh, Ahmad azadeh@fcps.edu

AP Calculus
BC Calculus

Performing Arts
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Karasek, Valerie Valerie.Karasek@fcps.edu Theater Arts 1
Theater Arts 2
Theater Arts 3
Theater Arts 4
Tech Theater

Lambert, Mac Mac.Lambert@fcps.edu Women's Chorus
Advanced Mix Chorus
Vocal Ensemble

Martin, Doug Doug.Martin@fcps.edu Advanced Band
Percussion Ensemble
Music Theory
Mixed Ensemble

McCormick, Scott Scott.McCormick@fcps.edu Advanced Orchestra
Intermediate Orchestra
String Ensemble

Physical Education
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Buffo, Cheryl Cheryl.Buffo@fcps.edu Health & PE 10
Drivers Education

Copley, Kara Kara.Copley@fcps.edu Health & PE 9
Sports Medicine

Freeman, Shawn slfreeman@fcps.edu Health & PE 9

Howerton, John John.Howerton@fcps.edu Personal Fitness

Lamb, Brian - Assistant DSA Brian.Lamb@fcps.edu Health & PE 10
Personal Fitness

Mye, Jeff Jeff.Mye@fcps.edu Health & PE 10
Adaptive PE

Sauk, Stan ssauk@fcps.edu Adaptive PE

Shifflett, Susan - Dept. Chair & Assistant DSA Susan.Shifflett@fcps.edu Health & PE 10
Driver's Education
Personal Fitness

Sronce, Jared Jared.Sronce@fcps.edu Health & PE 9

Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Berger, Breen bmberger@fcps.edu Oceanography
AP Environmental Science

D'Alesandro, Michele Michele.DAlesandro@fcps.edu Chemistry 1
Chemistry Honors

Fertig, Derek   Astronomy
AP Physics

Foley, Robert Robert.Foley@fcps.edu AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2

Gilman, Jeromy Jeromy.Gilman@fcps.edu Chemistry Honors
AP Biology

Jameyson, Megan Megan.Jameyson@fcps.edu Biology
Genetics & Biotec

Johns, Tanda tljohns@fcps.edu Biology
Biology Honors

Jones, Betsy Betsy.Jones@fcps.edu Biology
Human Anatomy
Biology Honors

Kaur, Abijot akaur1@fcps.edu Physics 1
AP Physics

Lindner, Claire cvlindner1@fcps.edu Biology
Biology Honors

Puhlick, Leah M. - Dept. Chair Leah.Puhlick@fcps.edu AP Chemistry
Chemistry I

Song, Gina Gina.Song@fcps.edu AP Environmental Science

Swanson, Nick nswanson@fcps.edu Physics 1

Torres, Kenny ktorres1@fcps.edu Biology

Social Studies
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught
Banker, Christina Christina.Banker@fcps.edu World History 2
World History 2 Honors

Chinn, Suzanne sjchinn@fcps.edu

World History & Geography 2 Honors
AP World History
Psychology & Sociology

Cohen, Allison Allison.Cohen@fcps.edu AP US Government
Nature of Knowledge

Conner, Melinda - Dept. Chair Melinda.Conner@fcps.edu World History & Geography 1
World History/Geography 1 Honors

Healy, Kevin Kevin.Healy@fcps.edu World History & Geography 1
US & VA Government

Henry, Joshua Joshua.Henry@fcps.edu US & VA History Honors
US & VA Government

Herzig, Allison Allison.Herzig@fcps.edu World History & Geography 2 Honors
AP Psychology

Herzig, Micah H. Micah.Herzig@fcps.edu AP Government
AP Macro/Micro Econ.

Horgan, Michael mwhorgan@fcps.edu

World History/Geog.
Basic Tech
Design Tech

Jackson, Ryan Ryan.Jackson@fcps.edu World History & Geography 2 Honors
AP World History

Kissling, Matt Matthew.Kissling@fcps.edu AP US History
US VA History Honors

Kuhn, David David.Kuhn@fcps.edu US VA Honors
AP US History
Political Science
Current Affairs

Shapiro, Heather hcshapiro@fcps.edu

US VA History
US VA History Honors

Stankiewicz, Kathleen kastankiewic@fcps.edu World History
Geography 2

Steele, Elisa emsteele@fcps.edu US VA History

Terry, Kimberly katerry@fcps.edu World History/Geography

Vande Sande, Jeffrey jtvandesande@fcps.edu

W. Hist./Geog.
US VA Govt.

Special Education
Staff Name Email Address Courses Taught

Brooks, Demarco demarco.brooks@fcps.edu US VA History
Strategies for Success

Davis, Bethany bsdavis@fcps.edu Geosystems

Jelinek, Pamela Pamela.Jelinek@fcps.edu English 11
Expanding Literacies

Koseva, Jasna jkoceva@fcps.edu

Foundations of English
Foundation of History
Individual Math

Laspe, Kyle Kyle.Laspe@fcps.edu Econ. & Personal Finance

Lincicome, Jennifer JMhoffmeierL@fcps.edu Geometry

Leimkuhler, Kathryn kleimkuhler@fcps.edu English
Career Pathways
Education for Employment

Martin, Debra dmartin1@fcps.edu WAT

McCommas, Christine csmccommas@fcps.edu English 10
World History & Geography 2

Millman, Mary A. mamillman@fcps.edu

Foundations of English I-IV
Independent Living
Individualized Math
World History & Geography 1

Murawiec, Lana Lana.Murawiec@fcps.edu World History & Geography 1
World History & Geography 2

Myers, Angela aemyers@fcps.edu English 11
Personal Development

Parrott, Jamie James.Parrott@fcps.edu Active Physics

Power, Jeanne Jeanne.Power@fcps.edu Algebra 1

Salem, Rhonda Rhonda.Salem@fcps.edu Basic Skills
Russian (World Languages Dept)

Simon, Meryl - Dept. Chair Meryl.Simon@fcps.edu Department Chairperson

Tonda, Alexis atonda@fcps.eduwww. Algebra 1

Whalen, Deborah Deborah.Whalen@fcps.edu Algebra 1
English 12

Wingo, Margaret Margaret.Wingo@fcps.edu Biology
Active Physics

Instructional Assistants IA Email Addresses  

Boyer, Danette (PHTA) duboyer@fcps.edu  

DiNuzzo, Michael madinuzzo@fcps.edu  

Lodsun, Betty Betty.Lodsun@fcps.edu  

Loftus, Erin Erin.Loftus@fcps.edu  

McDougal, Cherise ctmdougal@fcps.edu  

Sekhon, Sonya Sonya.Sekhon@fcps.edu  

Stone, Hannah hgstone@fcps

Velin, Matthew Matthew.Velin@fcps.edu