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The mission of the Langley High School Counseling Program is to support the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. As counselors we provide a comprehensive program encouraging self-advocacy of all students, collaborating with community stakeholders, and promoting access to resources.


Sonya Williams Director of Student Services (703) 287-2722

Michael Johnson


Students A-Chang
(703) 287-2731


Alex Mantel Students Chap-Forw
(703) 287-2733

Susan Murphy Students Fou-Jua
(703) 287-2732

Timothy Ready Students Jub-Matu
(703) 287-2730

Jennifer Baldesare Students Matz-Pride
(703) 287-2734

Katie Robinson Students Prit-Stol
(703) 287-2736

Julie McGreevy Students Stom-Z
(703) 287-2735

Hannah Wolff Career Center Specialist
(703) 287-2747

Jan Dabroski Assessment Coach
(703) 287-2922

PSAT, ACT Plan, WIDA, and SOL testing

Mary Gratz Registrar
(703) 287-2722

Withdrawing students, Enrolling students

Pat Stark Administrative Assistant/Transcript
(703) 287-2723
7th semester transcripts, fall and spring awards ceremonies, previously graduated students transcript requests
Transcript Request Form

Ronnie Morrow-Drummond Student Information Assistant (703) 287-2725

Here are some of the services the career center offers. Students may stop by during break, lunch, or after school. Parents are welcome too. If you are making a special trip to visit the Career Center please call ahead. The Career Center is a busy place and not always available.

Contact the Career Center at:
703-287-2747 or by e-mail.

College Information
  • College Catalogs and updated files
  • Index of majors at most colleges
  • College handbooks
  • Subjective references on college programs
  • College CD's
  • Academy, military and ROTC information
  • Statistical information on College Admissions for Langley students
  • Information on web sites for college and career information
  • College representative visits

Career Information
  • Program and web sites for Career Exploration
  • Career Reference Library
  • Books on careers
  • Personality Profile Testing

Financial Information

Summer Programs, Volunteer Opportunities and Employment
  • Files containing a variety of summer programs
  • Community service information
  • For job openings and volunteer information, read the bulletin board outside the career center

Service Learning Opportunities

Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia offer several honors associated with service learning. Hours must be recorded and approved, and the reflection requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the honors. For information on the reflection component of the applications, go to Anticipated eligibility for these awards may be listed on college applications.

Service Leaning Cord
Students who complete 10 hours of service learning in each, grade 9-12, for a total of 40 hours by the time of graduation may be eligible for the FCPS Service Learning Cord. Service learning projects can be completed at school as class assignments, as a part of after school club activities, or independently outside of school. The Service Learning Cord will be awarded to students during the Senior Awards Ceremony prior to graduation, and is to be worn during the graduation ceremony.

Click here for Service Learning Application. For additional information about service learning opportunities, go to For additional information, visit

Please use the application to record your service hours each year and bring the completed application to your counselor once all of your hours are completed senior year and they will use the last page of the application to verify your hours. Current seniors wishing to receive a service learning cord must submit a completed application to their school counselor by Friday May 31st.

Service Cord FAQ:

Can I get credit for service completed last year?
If you engaged in service learning last year and can obtain verification by an adult who organized or participated in that event, you can get credit for those hours. You still need to complete a Reflection for your service.

What can be counted as service?
Service is participating in activities that demonstrate civic responsibility and offer a benefit to the community. Donating canned goods does not count as service learning, but organizing a canned food drive does. Refereeing a sports team if you are do not receive compensation may count as service hours. Service for your church or temple does not count for hours, but service through your church or temple to benefit the community does count as hours. Bottom line: activities must impact individuals in the community.

What are the fundamentals that should be included in my Reflection?
Your Reflection should include a discussion of the following:
How is the service important to your community?
How did you learn from your service?
What was the outcome of your service?
How will what you learned impact you in the future?
For more information on your Reflection, visit

Civic Seal
Students who earn 50 hours or more may earn the Virginia Board of Education Diploma Seal for Excellence in Civics Education. To earn the Civic Seal, students must satisfy the requirements of the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma, complete history courses with a grade of “B” or higher, complete 50 hours of community service or extracurricular activities, and have good attendance and no disciplinary infractions.

For an application for the Civic Seal and more complete list of approved activities satisfying the requirements of the Civic Seal, visit
For more information on other State Diploma Seals, visit

SOS Community Resources Information
Fairfax County Public Schools Standard Course Offerings Book
High School Course Sequencing
Virginia Department of Education SOL Information
Fairfax County School Counseling Office
Fairfax County Testing Website
FCPS Parent Resource Center
FCPS Student Safety and Wellness
Fairfax County Government Kids/Teens/Parents Resources
Continuum of Academic Services
Graduation Information
Alternative House
Safe Community Coalition

Mental Wellness

Drug and Alcohol Use Prevention

Internet Safety

Relationships and Teen Pregnancy

Grief Support

Military Families Support from FCPS

Suicide Prevention

PSAT Score Information

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