FAQs London Towne Elementary School

1. What are the school hours of operation?

General school hours are:

Monday - Friday >> 8:05 - 3:05. Breakfast starts at 7:55 am.

All students who are not in their respective classrooms by 8:25 am must report to the main office for a pass.

2. How does my child receive lunch?

Money is sent in for your child by the parent.  You can send in Cash, Check, or Money order payable to London Towne Cafeteria. Please send all money in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name and teacher on the front.  You can also go o mylunchbuck.comand pay for your child’s lunch with your Debit or Credit Card.

3. How can I pick up my child early from school?

Early dismissal must be done by 2:30 pm.  You are to come into the school with ID.  We will verify that you are authorized to remove the student and then we will call them down from class for dismissal.  This process can take up to 10 minutes depending on the daily schedule.  So please make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

4. Is before and after school care provided?

London Towne ES does not provide before or after school care.  There are several local business’ that do provide those services.  You can contact the main office for their contact information.  Fairfax County Government also has a SACC program here at LT.  Their number is 703-449-8989.

5. How can my child get medication during school hours?

Any medications that are to be distributed during school hours must have an Medical Authorization Form completed and signed for each student and for each school year.  Forms can be found on the FCPS health and medical forms webpage.  When it is completed, the parent must bring the form and medication into the school’s clinic.

6. What are the Kiss & Ride and bus procedures?

Children who live within the boundaries and more than a mile from the school are provided transportation by an FCPS school bus. Children who live less than a mile from the school, and within boundaries, may walk or be driven. Children who live outside of our boundaries, must have transportation provided. Bus transportation is not permitted. Crossing guards are posted in two locations to assist children in crossing the street. Parent/guardians who wish to drive their children need to fill out a kiss & ride form and follow procedures for dropping off and picking up children at the side of the school.

7. Where can I park?

London Towne ES has very limited parking.  You are welcome to park in any unmarked space in our three lots.  Please do not block the fire lanes, trash cans, handicap spots or other parked vehicles.  Also, please do not park in any spot that is labeled for employees.

8. How can I speak to my child's teacher?

You can contact your child's teacher through e-mail or by leaving a message on their classroom voice mail. Since teachers are engaged with students during the school day, they are not available for conversation during those hours. Please set up an appointment with your child's teacher to discuss any matter concerning your child.

9. How can I volunteer?

All parents are welcome to volunteer at London Towne.  You can either contact your child’s teacher, library, or main office to see where your skills would be most needed.  Once you have set up a schedule, please complete our Volunteer Emergency Care Card and return it back to the main office before your volunteer hours begin.

10. How do I enter the school?

All visitors must enter through the front door (#1). Please press the door bell and wait for the door to unlock before trying to enter.

Report to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor pass before proceeding to your child's classroom or lunch area.


6100 Stone Road
Centreville, Virginia 20120
Main Office: (703)-227-5400
Attendance: (703)-227-5454
Fax Number: (703)-227-5497