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Category - Peripherals

Topic - Monitor Screen Limits

Issue - What to do when the screen image on your monitor unexpectedly exceeds the limits

Tiptoid -

Sometimes, such as after a power outage or when you restart your computer, the screen image on your monitor is unexpectedly too big or too small either you can't see half of your icons/function tools, or now they are way too small. Some people try to adjust the settings in the Control Panel, but the solution to the problem is much simpler.

On your monitor, there are buttons with different functions. Some monitors will have a Menu button. If your monitor has a Menu button, press it and use the arrow buttons to select the Resize Screen option.

Many monitors have the screen resizing buttons right on the monitor. This option is often represented by arrows pointing left and right, and up and down. Use these monitor controls to set your computer screen images bigger or smaller.

Hopefully, this information will make it easier for you to clearly see your computer screen images again.


Glossary -

screen image - the picture that appears on the monitor; includes desktop icons and the function tools of open applications

resize - to change the size of the screen image


Find Out More - consult your computer monitor's manual

Submitted by - Laura Lyons

Site Managers - Nana Yeboah and Kelsey Tedder

May 2006

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