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Category - Peripherals

Topic - TI-83 Calculator

Issue - Resetting the settings

Tiptoid -

My TI-83 Calculator is a very advanced calculator that can be used for graphing. It has many keys and can get really complicated if you don't know what you're doing.

The other day, I was using the calculator in Algebra class. I accidentally messed up the settings, and I couldn't get back to the main screen. I repeatedly tried to figure out how to reset the settings, but to no avail. Sadly, I was forced to pull out the instruction manual. I checked the index in the manual, found the right section, read the instructions, and walked through the steps to get the settings back to normal.

Here's what I did to reset the settings -

•  Turn on the calculator by pressing On.

•  Press the yellow key titled 2nd.

•  Press the key labeled MEM, located above the + key.

•  Press the 5 key.

•  You have 2 options - If you choose All Memory, everything will reset to the settings the calculator had when it was first purchased. If you choose Default, the calculator will reset the main settings back to the default settings.

I chose the Default, and now my calculator is set to go! Okay, back to Algebra problems!


Glossary -

graphing - a diagram that shows change in one variable factor


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