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Category - Media

Topic - Vocabulary

Issue - 12 powerful words which improve understanding and communication

Tiptoid -

In each of our classes this year, our teachers have focused on a list of 12 words which help us read and understand concepts better. These words are powerful because their meanings can be applied across the curriculum.

Here are the 12 Powerful Words and their meanings -

1.Trace - list in steps

2. Analyze - break apart

3. Infer - read between the lines

4. Evaluate - judge

5. Formulate - create

6. Describe - tell all about

7. Support - back up with details

8. Explain - tell how

9. Summarize - the short version

10. Compare - all the ways they are alike

11. Contrast - all the ways they are different

12. Predict - what will happen next

Because these words are reinforced in every class, I not only have learned their meanings (without having to look them up), but I am also better able to apply my understanding of the words to different topics I read and hear about in different subject areas. That makes these 12 words powerful tools.

I think it also means that now, with an improved and more focused vocabulary, I am a more powerful communicator, too! I like that.


Glossary -

reinforce - to strengthen or increase by additional assistance, material, or support

apply - to put to use, to make a connection


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Submitted by - Hannah Wilkerson

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May 2006

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