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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) FAQs

Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to assisting students and staff in creating a 21st century learning environment. In efforts to support this progress, students and staff will now be able to access our wireless network with their personal devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, etc.) during the school day. With classroom teacher approval, students may register and use their own devices to access the Internet and collaborate with other students. By allowing students to use their own technology at school, we are hoping to increase the access all students have to the technology they need to succeed. FCPS requires that students register their device(s) each school year.

BYOD throughout Fairfax County Public Schools is now available to all students’ grades kindergarten through twelfth. FCPS’s SR&R outlines expectations and restrictions on devices, please make sure you read over and discuss this section with your son or daughter carefully before sending your child in with a device. The Acceptable Use Policy in the Student Rights and Responsibilities includes permission for BYOD, eliminating the need to send in a signed BYOD permission slip. However, when your student brings his/her device to school, he/she will need to meet with a member of the school's tech team for assistance accessing the school's wireless network. For more information visit FCPS’s BYOD policy at

Please review the steps below to ensure that your child will be able to utilize his/her mobile device at Providence:

STEP 1: Kindergarten through 6th grade students should FIRST check with their teacher(s) if they are interested in bringing in their own devices, as each teacher will be able to advise them about when and how they might use personal devices in class. Once the device is brought in, the student will need to see a member of our school's tech team to assist with getting onto the FCPS. Mrs. Shelton and Mr. Rueffert are located in room 107.

STEP 2: Click HERE to educate yourself and your child about BYOD at FCPS.

STEP 3: Use the FCPSmobile setup instructions posted here: FCPSmobile Setup Guide to connect to the wireless (must be within an FCPS school building)

If your child needs assistance with connecting to the wireless, the Tech Team will arrange to meet with your child.