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The Terra Centre Preschool Team welcomes you! Terra Centre Preschool offers special education services for children 2-5 years old with special needs. We provide a nurturing learning environment that is child initiated and teacher directed.

Program Information

Preschool Self Contained (2-5 years old)

There are 6 preschool self contained classrooms. Three of these classes are morning classes and three are afternoon classes. There are 8 to 10 students in each of these classes, a special education teacher, and an instructional assistant. These classes are offered to children with special needs that have gone through the testing process at the Preschool Diagnostic Center and have been found eligible for special education services. Teachers, specialists, and parents work together to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each child. Students work towards meeting their individual goals and objectives in a developmentally appropriate environment. Our program is a language-based program that integrates speech, occupational, and physical therapies on an as needed basis.

Morning Preschool:

Teachers - Dorie Johanns, Lou Nelson,

Instructional Assistants - Judy Osborne, Elisabeth Anderson-Bowen

Afternoon Preschool:

Teachers - Holly Monday, Holly Berman

Instructional Assistants - Diane Do, Judy Osborne, Elisabeth Anderson-Bowen,


Teachers - Nicole Yawn, Brenda Scott

Instructional Assistants - Tahira Shiek, Kristen Gibel and Victoria Dankah


Speech therapist - Terri Winkowski, Chelsea Fingerhut

Physical therapist - Melissa Levesque, Ryan Mastropaolo

Occupational therapist - Mary Beth Brooke, Jessica Bellusci

The occupational therapist works on the acquisition of/or compensations for deficits in fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, and self-care skills. More specifically, occupational therapists work with students on foundation skills needed for school participation through task analysis, individually selected motor activities, and consultation with team members to modify the environment, the instructional methodology, or to support student achievement on a particular classroom/vocational project.

The following link will allow you to down load or view activities for fine motor/in-hand manipulation skills. Stations For Fine Motor/In-Hand Manipulations Skills (doc)

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