Student Registration

Please contact Leslie Dorsey at 703.718.2551 or to register your child at West Potomac.  All registrations are by appointment only.

The student must be accompanied by the person with whom he/she lives, either a parent or a court-appointed guardian or legal custodian. The accompanying adult may be required to present photo identification.



Requests for withdrawals must be done in person by the enrolling parent/guardian. During the withdrawal process the student must return all books, pay obligations, and obtain required signatures. Upon completion, students will receive their transcript, immunization record and withdrawal grades.


Change of Address Notification

Address’s will only be changed when a deed or lease and 2 current bills are submitted to the Student Service office. 


Student Transfer Information

Students whose base school is not West Potomac must complete a Student Transfer Renewal Application Form. Forms are available in Student Services and must be submitted in order to prevent withdrawal from West Potomac. You will be notified by mail of the approval. If you have any questions, please call 703.718.2551.